Nite Trax: Yes, the 2012 San Francisco Nightlife Awards are real


... and apparently I am hosting them with Anna Conda on Thursday, May 31. What the heck are the 2012 San Francisco Nightlife Awards? No worries, they are magical, and you should totally go because it's gonna be a fun party that supports the future of San Francisco nightlife. But let's back up a minute.

A few weeks ago, my Nightlife Bat Phone started ringing off the Nightlife Bat Hook. "We were just nominated for a 2012 San Francisco Nightlife Award!" or "Why weren't we nominated for a 2012 San Francisco Nightlife Award?" or "What the heck are the San 2012 Francisco Nightlife Awards?" said the chorus of voices into my Nightlife Bat Voicemail, because my Nightlife Bat Ringer broke when I dropped it in a vat of fake blood while vampire-wrestling for charity (gay).

It seemed like the awards had come out of nowhere. But I will reveal all! Or rather, Nathan Allbee of the California Music and Culture Association, which is putting on this year's awards, will reveal all via my short interview (along with a complete list of nominees) below.

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