Corporate Media

Media misses connection between BART tragedy and settlement


BART continues to stonewall important questions about whether it was training scab drivers to break the recent strike by its unions when its trainee-driven train killed two workers on Oct. 19 — a stance made possible by the failure of the mainstream media to connect the dots or correct the anti-union bias that characterized its coverage of this long labor impasse.Read more »

Journalists express doubts about nonprofit media merger


Will the Bay Area's two biggest nonprofit newsrooms -- Bay Citizen and the Center for Investigative Reporting -- merge and what would that mean for local journalism? While we await votes as soon as next week on the first part of that question, I explored the second part in last week's Guardian. Read more »

Bronstein and mergers are not what local journalism needs


Local, independent, public interest journalism – which is what Warren Hellman sought to create by founding the Bay Citizen in 2009 – could be undermined by a proposed merger between that newsroom and the Center for Investigative Reporting (CIR) under the leadership of former San Francisco Chronicle Editor Phil Bronstein.Read more »

Louis Dunn: The corporate media covers Occupy


Guardian graphic by Louis Dunn

"Occupy America," as the Guardian says on the front page in this week's  issue. "Let's take back the country--starting now.  A proposal for the next stage of the Occupy movement."

Louis Dunn comments on the response of the corporate media to Occupy. B3