Cyber Sex

5 reasons to attend this weekend's online porn convention


Looking for a reason to spend this unseasonably warm weekend hovering over your computer? The sluttiest ticket of them all: the Adult Virtual Convention, an online version of the time-tested, fan-approved pornography fan expo that will go live from Fri/24-Sun/26 on your computer. Yes sir, just as the DVD porn industry has mourned the loss of revenue to low-budget Internet blue film, soon porn conventioneers might be feeling the pinch as well. Here's a list of reasons why cyber conventioneering just might be better than the real thing: 

1. No need to agonize over which that baseball cap makes you look like a slobby creep, or whether you should wear the tee with your favorite starlet's face on it: AVC is being conducted through Utherverse, an "online adult social center" that to the untrained observer seems a lot like Second Life. Like that site, you're welcome to concoct your own avatar that may have very little to do with your meat physique. Goodbye wardrobe issues, hello black chaps and a bikini (one of the default 'fits for women -- you can also opt for flame pants or "Hit Me Baby One More Time.") Read more »