Death Issue

Guardians of Fospice

DEATH ISSUE: Death is part of life at San Francisco's SPCA


DEATH ISSUE Like in any hospital, the doctors at the San Francisco Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals shelter deal with the living and the dying on a daily basis. But in these halls, the dying often have no homes and no families — unless they're lucky enough to leave through the front door.Read more »

Why won't you let me go?

DEATH ISSUE: Unlike in Oregon, Death with Dignity is not legal in California. Why not?


By Brian Smith

Dad was confused.

He was taking a combination of drugs that were keeping him alive and reducing his pain. His morphine dose was quite high.Read more »

Reclaiming death

DEATH ISSUE: Death midwives shepherd the dying and then help the living say an intimate, inexpensive, and eco-friendly goodbye

DEATH ISSUE Death is the Grim Reaper come to collect his dues, a silent, bewildered specter bound in black, this undeniable truth that we avoid at all costs. But it doesn't have to be.Read more »

Among the archived

Exploring the Bay Area Reporter's online database of AIDS-era obituaries


Let's talk about death

DEATH ISSUE: Saying goodbye isn't easy, but it's an important part of life. We explore the Bay Area's evolving relationship with the end of life, from Boomer care and Death with Dignity to the "death midwives" movement.


DEATH ISSUE  Death comes for all of us, sometimes with advanced warning, other times suddenly.Read more »