Hairy dilemma

Dogs in restaurants are more common than ever, despite being illegal for mere pets, a trend that service dog owners don't like


It used to be rare to see dogs in restaurants — which many people see as gross and the health codes don't allow — but not anymore. It's an increasingly common sight to see dogs in Bay Area restaurants, grocery stores, bars, and others businesses that traditionally haven't allowed them.Read more »

I see pugs, I see France...


Vive Le Pug! isn't your average dog park get-together — it's a French revolution-themed party for pug lovers and their pups, with food, wine, and activities for both four- and two-legged friends. The festivities benefit Central Coast Pug Rescue, which is dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and rehoming of unwanted, abused, displaced, and neglected pugs, regardless of their age or condition.

The event is on Bastille Day — Sun/14, naturellement — and although the event focuses on raising money for pugs, it's open to all breeds, so bring out your Air Buds and Scooby Doos, too. "We're a very open society," Layne Gray, one of the event coordinators, said. "The event is for pugs, but we're lovers of all dogs."

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Where the wild dogs are

An opinionated guide to local parks where your canine can run free


San Francisco has more dogs than children, which might be a comment on the price of housing — even the largest canine companion doesn't need a bedroom. But with all of those furry beasts seeking exercise in a dense urban area, the city's made a point of finding places for dogs to run, romp, and play — with some success, and some ... well, not such great success.Read more »

Meet your weiner: Sammy Davis reps the Bay in national dachshund races


December 27th, friends. That is the day that Sammy Davis competes for our honor. Read more »

Bevan Dufty's all wet and woofy


I've had issues with Bevan Dufty. Oh, lord, I've had issues. He so often voted the wrong way on the Board of Supervisors and was the only major candidate running for mayor who answered No to the affordable housing question at the Guardian mayoral forum.Read more »

Kids, dogs, and naked people in Dolores Park


The interwebs are all buzzy over the notion that some parents might want a fence around the playground in Dolores Park. Uptown Almanac denounces the Dolores Park Brats. Sfist says it's all a plot to undermine gay beachRead more »