Eat to the Beat

Sugar high

Chasing the (sweet) dragon at San Francisco's candy stores


DEATH BEFORE DIET San Francisco has a hell of a sweet tooth, judging by all the dessert-themed trucks, artesinal chocolate shops, and curious ice cream flavors dribbling all over everything. For fans of sour and gummy candy who'd prefer a slightly more old-timey experience than the aisles of Walgreens can provide, we also have quite a few candy-focused shops. We sidestepped the prodigious chocolate offerings (for the most part) and tested treats at four of 'em.

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The Turntable Kitchen remixes dinnertime

Eat your Frank Ocean with a side of pop overs and jam, say the web geniuses behind site


EAT BEAT I'd venture a guess that no one in this town knows the frosting tipped appeal of hand-mixing music and food more than the couple behind Turntable Kitchen. What started a year and a half ago as a simple (yet highly aesthetically pleasing) website mashing up recipes and records, has grown into a multi-headed creative output machine, with food and music news, giveaways, and physical pairings boxes — on top of the drool-inducing posts.Read more »

Rich appetites

The BrokeAss Gourmet teaches life skills with a side of peanut sauce


CHEAPER EATS "By the way, I have the best peanut sauce recipe ever. I would say it's one of the top three things about me, my peanut sauce recipe." Author-blogger-chef Gabi Moskowitz mentions over brunch at the Dolores Park Cafe in her Mission neighborhood.

"I develop crushes on peanut sauces and tinker until I get them just right. And — sidebar — peanut sauce, if you make a batch of it and keep it in your fridge, you're like, 50 percent on your way to dinner."Read more »