Why austerity sucks


European nations are starting to take some of the same steps that Republicans are suggesting for the US -- reductions in the public sector, cuts in benefits, etc. And Joseph Stiglitz, an economist who actually knows what he's talking about, argues that it's a terrible idea -- and that goes for the United States, too. Check out this fascinating interview.:Read more »

Social liberalism beats economic populism?


Eric Alterman, who writes on media for The Nation, has a book out on the history of liberalism in America and a fascinating essay in The New York Times on how progessives lost the economic war. It's hard to make a case this complicated in a few hundred words, so he sounds as if he's somewhat downplaying the importance of civil rights. Read more »

Breaking: hundreds with OccupySF 'occupying' building


UPDATE: Representatives of the Archdiocese have made clear that they will not make a decision regarding the building occupation until the morning 

OccupySF, along with at least 400 supporters and homeless advocacy groups, have entered a vacant ’building and plan to turn it into a community center. Participants served a free dinner, unrolled sleeping bags and tacked up posters in rooms marked “sleeping quarters” by organizers, and are currently meeting to decide next steps.Read more »

Sharing economy and the city's share


San Franciscans love to share: our homes and workspaces, our cars and bikes, our tools and the road, and sometimes even our lovers. But in these tight economic times, we often want a little something for our efforts – a bit of cash to use the guestroom or car – and that tradeoff has now ballooned into something its advocates grandly label the “shareable economy.”Read more »

Teachers, students demand funding for education


People across the Bay Area joined in the National Day of Action to Defend Public Education March 1, with rallies at Berkeley City Hall, UC Berkeley, Oakland City Hall, SF State, and at the State Building on Golden Gate Ave.  Demonstrators at UC Santa Cruz shut down the campus for the day demanding well-funded and quality public education. Read more »

Why do evictions continue despite widespread banking fraud?


Do you think a groundbreaking report – showing that 84 percent of foreclosures in San Francisco over the last three years involved faulty paperwork, some of it amounting to fraud – would finally mean swift justice for victims of those crimes?

Think again.Read more »

Who gets to live here?

Renewed debates about housing policy will shape what kind of city San Francisco becomes


Housing policy — which determines who will be able to live in San Francisco — has been a hot topic at City Hall these days.Read more »

Editor's Notes

The only way to preserve the middle class in the upcoming boom is to aggressively protect existing rental housing stock

"San Francisco's economy is moving in the right direction," Mayor Ed Lee told the Examiner last week. "My economic development and job creation policies are setting San Francisco on a path toward economic recovery."Read more »

Bubbles, rising rents, and the politicians who fuel them


After neither Mayor Ed Lee nor Sup. Jane Kim were willing to return my calls to discuss the implications of their economic development policies that favor big commercial landlords and tech companies – which I wrote about in this week's cover story – it was ironic to listen to their rhetorical concerns over local small businesses being hit with rising rents this week.Read more »

Valentine's Day dump the banks rally: If only all break-ups involved this much singing (VIDEO)


Protesters across the country participated in "break up with your bank" day on Feb. 14. Several protesters happened throughout the Bay Area, including a demonstration organized by Causa Justa :: Just Cause, Occupy Bernal, Occupy SF Housing, and the San Francisco Tenants Union. Read more »