Bank of America frets about Occupy


An internal Bank of America email has surfaced, making it clear that the megabank is concerned about the national day of action against evictions and foreclosures being carried out today, Dec. 6, by the Occupy Wall Street movement. The leaked internal memo suggests BofA is taking Occupy housing actions very seriously.

According to the email, which was sent to BofA's third-party Field Services suppliers, the nationwide protests "could impact our industry." Read more »

The food divide

San Francisco is a city of haves and have-nots when it comes to nutrition


Antonia Williams is part of a slow, quiet food revolution. After battling obesity for much of her adult life, the 26-year-old lifelong Bayview resident did some research. "I realized it had a lot to do with the food I consumed," she told us. "As a result of growing up in the neighborhood, I suffer from obesity. I'm overweight because of the lack of options for good healthy food."Read more »

Hungry much?

California faces severe food aid gap in time of need


By Hugh Biggar

Here's something to chew on with your bagel and coffee—assuming you can afford that in these trying times. Roughly, 2.3 million Californians are receiving official help getting enough to eat, but nearly 3 million others who qualify are not.

In fact, California's low enrollment in the federal food stamp program, known officially as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program or in California, CalFresh, is costing the state both socially and economically.Read more »

Will Obama win in 2012?


Right now, all the signs say no -- the economy isn't improving, he's pissing off his base, the GOP kicked his ass in the 2010 midterms, and a vast majority of Americans think the country is headed in the wrong direction. But then, at this time in 1991, all the signs said that George Bush I was unbeatable.

And then, of course, you have the Republican candidates.Read more »

What if you were rich?


There seem to be more and more millionaires coming out of the nicely paneled woodwork to tell us that they should pay higher taxes.  I heard one of these folks on NPR yesterday and she was talking about what made her happy in life. Read more »

Powerful, mostly peaceful Oakland action ends badly


After a long day of mostly peaceful demonstrations by thousands of protesters who joined OccupyOakland's General Strike and Day of Action yesterday, it's still unclear why the Oakland Police – which had stood down the entire day, leaving the movement to self-police – massed in riot gear around midnight and used tear gas and other projectiles to clear the streets and make a reported 80 arrests.Read more »

Lee benefits from vetoing health care reform


Downtown groups that pressured Mayor Ed Lee to veto legislation that would have prevented businesses from raiding their employees' health savings accounts have been funneling big bucks into independent expenditure campaigns formed to keep Lee in the Mayor's Office.Read more »

The left and jobs


Wow, there's a new coalition in town! It's called "The Bay Guardian Left." And it's so influential -- and so misguided -- that it's destroyed progressive hope of winning the mayor's office. This from Randy Shaw at BeyondChron, who is sounding more and more like someone who thinks the private sector is going to pull us out of this recession:Read more »

Sean Parker: "I am paying far too little in taxes"


Billionaire tech investor Sean Parker responded to an article that appeared in last week's issue of the Guardian, writing in an email that he is not "some conservative a*hole." Read more »

24 hours of occupation

Oakland activists transform a city square and wrestle with organizing a movement

No sooner had I arrived at downtown Oakland's Frank H. Ogawa Plaza — christened Oscar Grant Plaza by the activists who have established the Occupy Oakland encampment there –than the police showed up.Read more »