Election 2011

The latest Lee voter fraud charges


The Ed Lee campaign is, of course, distancing itself from the latest voter fraud allegations. Spokesperson Tony Winnicker says nobody on the Lee team knew anything about it, that the idea of eight low-level associates at a property firm each giving the maximum $500 didn't ring any alarm bells:Read more »

Anyone but Lee

The incumbent is falling fast in the polls, and it's actually possible for Avalos to win


Two weeks ago, the race for mayor of San Francisco seemed in the bag. Mayor Ed Lee was so far ahead in most polls that everyone else looked like an also-ran. A Bay Citizen simulation of ranked-choice voting showed Lee getting enough seconds and thirds to emerge easily as the winner. His approval rating with voters was above 70 percent. The money was pouring in to his campaign and to the coffers of independent expenditure committees promoting him.Read more »

Lee benefits from vetoing health care reform


Downtown groups that pressured Mayor Ed Lee to veto legislation that would have prevented businesses from raiding their employees' health savings accounts have been funneling big bucks into independent expenditure campaigns formed to keep Lee in the Mayor's Office.Read more »

Adachi video attacks public financing


This is odd: An eight-minute video narrated by Matt Gonzalez in support of Jeff Adachi devotes a considerable amount of time to attacking public campaign financing -- something Gonzalez always supported as a supervisor.

The video claims that the $4 million that "politicians" are taking to pay for their mayoral campaigns could have helped the city avoid cancelling summer school and cutting school bus routes.Read more »

The Guardian Clean Slate 2011

Avalos for mayor, Mirkarimi for sheriff: Our voter printout guide to take to the polls on Nov. 8


1. John Avalos
2. Dennis Herrera
3. Leland Yee

1. David Onek
2. Sharmin Bock
3. Bill Fazio


1. Ross Mirkarimi


Proposition A (school bonds): YES
Proposition B (street bonds): YES
Proposition C (consensus pension reform): YES
Proposition D (Adachi pension reform): NO
Proposition E (changing voter initiatives): NO Read more »

Vote for three but not Ed Lee

Your voting slate can keep the machine out of the mayor's office


OPINION Halloween 2011. Next week San Francisco will choose a new mayor. Is this a masquerade? Who is behind Mayor Ed Lee's mask?Read more »

David Chiu, the fashion mayor


There's a new fashion in the mayor's race, and it's ... accessories! This new mailer says to vote for Sup. David Chiu because he knows how to accessorize -- check out the cool glasses, and the sensible yet snazzy shoes and the high-tech wristwatch. Oh, and there's a laptop/cell phone/ipad, a checkbook, a scissors, a red pen, a calculator and a set of scales, which I assume are to measure out justice and not medical marijuana. Although that's fashionable, too. Read more »

The left and jobs


Wow, there's a new coalition in town! It's called "The Bay Guardian Left." And it's so influential -- and so misguided -- that it's destroyed progressive hope of winning the mayor's office. This from Randy Shaw at BeyondChron, who is sounding more and more like someone who thinks the private sector is going to pull us out of this recession:Read more »

The Real Ed Lee story


The Ed Lee Story has some much-needed competition. The boring, patronizing (to readers) and over-the-top hagiography of the interim mayor was just sitting there waiting for a parody, and now the Leland Yee campaign has obliged.Read more »

LGBT leaders denounce attack on Herrera by the Chronicle


Leaders of the LGBT community from across the political spectrum yesterday denounced the San Francisco Chronicle and the anonymous sources it relied on to question City Attorney Dennis Herrera's early support for legalizing same-sex marriage, calling the paper's front page article a thinly veiled political hit piece designed to hurt Herrera's mayoral campaign.Read more »