Election 2012

Olague's antics on RCV alarm her progressive supporters


As Sup. Christina Olague was being appointed to the District 5 seat on the Board of Supervisors by Mayor Ed Lee in January, we noted how difficult it might be to balance loyalty to the moderate mayor with her history as a progressive and someone running for office in one of the city’s most progressive districts.Read more »

After an adorable election, free drinks at El Rio


The mood was relaxed at El Rio tonight as the League of Young Voters held their post-elections party. There wasn’t much to today’s ballot- as the League put it in the intro to their Pissed Off Voter Guide, “Aw, what a cute little election!"

The League endorsed a yes vote on Propositions 28, 29 and B, and a no vote on Prop A, and it seems the results all went with these endorsements. Read more »

Supervisors dominate DCCC race, but key newbies join them


“I just stopped by on my way to finish campaigning,” Sup. David  Campos told me at the Bike Coalition’s 20th Annual Golden Wheel Awards (more on that tomorrow), the first in more than a majority of the Board of Supervisors at the event.

Campos was campaigning for reelection to the Democratic Party County Central Committee (DCCC) and the polls were still going to be open for almost two more hours. Perhaps he could still reach the one in four registered SF voters who bothered to weigh in on this lackluster election.Read more »

The funny money against Prop. B


Credit where it's due: My competitor and sometimes journalistic adversary Joe Eskenazi has a nice little piece on the weird money behind the campaign against Prop. B, a policy statement about the privatization of Coit Tower. Read more »

Election turnout expected to be less than 40 percent


If they held an election and nobody noticed, would it still count? Because that's what this Tuesday's presidential primary election is starting to feel like: the election that everyone ignored.Read more »

Green presidential candidate seeks to energize the disenfranchised


After participating in last weekend's Green Party presidential debate against Roseanne Barr in San Francisco, which we cover in this week's paper, frontrunner candidate Jill Stein stopped by the Bay Guardian office to chat about her hopes for progressive change in this tumultuous political year.

“The political-corporate establishment should not be given a pass in the voting booth,” the Massachusetts physician told us. “Four more years of Wall Street rule is what we get if you give them your vote.”Read more »

The future of the DCCC


Now that Aaron Peskin is retiring as chair of the Democratic County Central Committee, and is not even seeking re-election, the future of a realtively obscure but political important agency is very much up in the air.

Peskin had his share of critics, and he would be the fist to say it was time for him to move on, but he orchestrated the progressive takeover of the DCCC four years ago and turned it into an operation that helped get progressives elected to local office. He raised money for the party and kept the often (ahem) fractious progressive committee members going in the same direction. He was a leader -- and without him, the left wing of the local Democratic Party is struggling.

Read more »

GOP race is all about poo-poo


And you thought it was all about birth control.

Can anybody seriously say that all the reporters and editors who write these stories and headlines about Santorum surging from the bottom and Santorum surging from behind don't know what they're doing?Read more »

The Obama budget, beyond the politics


Man, the way the president's talking it sounds as if he's appointed the General Assembly of OccupySF to write his budget plans. He's going to make everyone pay a fair share of taxes. He's going to invest in affordable higher education. He's going to spend $350 billion on jobs programs. Just about everyone in the news media is calling it a "populist budget."Read more »

Missed the state Dem party convention? No worries


I missed the state Democratic Party convention, too -- had the kids all weekend while the partner was partying in Vegas. But that's OK -- lots of other people were there, and while the MSM mostly missed what was going on, the bloggers had it covered.Read more »