Election 2012

Would Sept. elections be better than RCV?


A proposal by Supervisors Sean Elsbernd and Mark Farrell to end San Francisco's experiment with Ranked Choice Voting will come before the board Feb. 14, and RCV suporters are organizing to fight it. According to an email I just got from Steve Hill, one of the leaders in the RCV movement, "the vote is going to be close."Read more »

Santorum lives for donuts and venison


I love Bad Lip Reading. And the Rick Santorum ad is the best one ever.

We are all homosexuals.

The big fat chick stunk ... like beef.

I hold it like it's a fancy fist for joy.

I had some porn, and I swore, and some weird witch gagged me.

I'm living for donuts and venison.

The first time I drank I had my shoes under my arm.

Diarrhea is OK.

Check it out.


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Redistricting: A Guardian Forum


The new supervisorial districts could change the makeup of the board and have a lasting impact on local politics. There's been a lot of discussion about individual districts -- but not so much talk about how the new map will affect progressive politics citywide. We're holding a Guardian forum Jan. 26 to look at that issue, discuss different scenarios and come up with some alternatives. Read more »

Occupy and the State of the Union


Have all of the Occupy actions made any difference? Gee -- I wonder.

I wonder if a president who acted a year ago as if economic justice wasn't even an issue in this country would have devoted a substantial part of his State of the Union speech to fairness in tax policy. I wonder if he would have said this:Read more »

Big changes to the DCCC?


Half the city probably doesn't realize there is such a thing as the Democratic County Central Committee, and most of the other half doesn't realize how powerful it is. The daily papers never cover the DCCC meetings and rarely write about the elections that choose the members of an organization that runs the local Democratic Party -- and controls local party endorsements. But it's a serious factor in local politics -- the party slate in a Democratic town is one of the most influential endorsements around. Read more »

The GOP primary: Enjoy the show


The 49ers game isn't until Sunday, but in the meantime, I hope everyone's enjoying the spectacle that is the Republican primary in South Carolina. First off, we have John King asking His Newtness about allegations that he wanted an "open marriage" and setting off a classic Newtron bomb. Read more »

Newt Gingrich, commie radical


Actually, more likely Newt Gingrich, Scorched Earth Opportunist, but whatever, we'll take it: Newt -- he the friend of plutocrats and one-time lobbyist for predatory lenders -- is launching an assault on Mitt Romney, calling him, in essence, a capitalist pig who exploits the workers.Read more »

Who will push progressive taxes in 2012?


Mayor Ed Lee talked to the Examiner about his plans for the next year, and it's a lot of the usual political crap: I'm going to create jobs, I'm going to bring people together and promote civility, ho hum. But he did mention, briefly, the need to change the city's business tax, and here's how he put it:Read more »

The GOP and class warfare


Every political consultant knows that words like "together" and "unite" play well with voters. That's why you hear them so much on the campaign trail, from races for local office to presidential campaigns. Remember Obama's signature speech, with his signature line?Read more »

How scary is Iowa?


I know, I know: It doesn't deserve the hype. And Mitt Romney's going to be the Republican nominee anyway; the rest is all theater. And I was just joking about how it might help Obama if one of the true wingnuts won the Iowa Caucuses.

But in the cold light of a Jan. 4 morning, I have to say:Read more »