Election 2013

LIVE: San Francisco election night coverage (Props B&C losing big)


Tonight's election is a showdown on the waterfront. Propositions B and C offer San Francisco voters the chance to shoot down the 8 Washington luxury condo project, which we've been covering for some time. Bay Guardian Editor Steven T. Jones and News Editor Rebecca Bowe are at the No on B&C and Yes on B&C parties, respectively, and you can catch their tweets here in this post. Read more »

The Guardian's Clean Slate Voter Guide

Yes on Prop. A; No, no, no! on Prop. B; No on Prop. C; Yes on Prop. D; Dennis Herrera for City Attorney; Jose Cisneros for Treasurer; Katy Tang for D4 Supervisor; and Carmen Chu for Assessor.


Print this out and take it to the polls for the Nov. 3 election!

Prop. A: YES

Prop B: No, no, no! on Prop. B

Prop. C: No

Prop D: Yes

City Attorney: Dennis Herrera

Treasurer: Jose Cisneros

D4 Supervisor: Katy Tang

Assessor: Carmen Chu 
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