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Tonight at the Castro: the most beautiful/depressing movie about global warming ever


Greedy Lying Bastards, a film about climate change, opens this Friday (look for my review in tomorrow's paper); it takes a confrontational approach to the subject. But here's the thing: you can argue with a politician or a lobbyist, but a melting iceberg will simply respond with a cold, cold stare.

Tonight and tomorrow at the Castro, check out 2012's similarly-themed but far more meditative Chasing Ice. You may have caught a glimpse of its striking glaciar photography on the Oscar telecast, since that song I didn't like in my review (below) was one of the unlucky tunes shoved into a quick "Here's Best Song nominees that weren't sung by Adele, Hugh Jackman, or Norah Jones, therefore they don't matter" montage. (Needless to say, it didn't win, but it did expose this powerful film to the billion watching, so there's that.)

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