Fall Preview

"My shoe is bigger than this car!" New (and new-ish) movies


Of the several films I looked at this week, two must be mentioned up top: The Master and The Expendables 2. These films are notable not just because I spent my own hard-earned dollahs for entry (usually I see stuff for free, being a critic and whatnot), but also because I loved them both, despite one being a bound-for-Oscars effort by one of America's most exciting filmmakers, and the other being a silly showcase for America's most beloved aging action heroes. Only one, however, contained a scene with Arnold Schwarzenegger riding in a teeny Smart Car. Your guess which.

Mark your calendar using my guide to fall film happenings in the Bay Area and beyond in this week's Guardian; and don't miss Jesse Hawthorne Ficks' interview with Compliance director Craig Zobel. Jesse's Compliance review is below the jump, along with more short takes on other films opening (and rep events happening) this week. This week also heralds a pair of horror movies (and, well, Halloween candy has started making appearances in Walgreens aisles...): The Apparition (review below) and Sinister (not screened for critics).

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