Feminist Gangs

Beyond Frank Ocean: La Peña takes a deeper look at hip-hop inclusivity


If I hear another journalist ask anyone involved in hip-hop incredulously, reverently, portentously about Frank Ocean and that Tumblr post someone may lose their digital recorder. Frank I love you, I love your ambiguous Internet warblings, your endearingly awful Grammy performances -- and kudos on Willy Carter, damn -- but obvs you're not the first queer person to be involved with your musical genre.

The Bay Area knows this -- in 2007 the PeaceOUT World Homo Hop Festival, already six years old at that point, took over deFremery Park with Oakland's Deep Dickollective and co. And like, Cazwell? Hey.

This list goes on -- but this post is more about future, specifically the Hip-Hop: Beyond Gender event series that kicks off at La Peña Cultural Center on Fri/15 with "Here Me Roar", a lineup of queer and feminist spoken word MCs set to wrecking speed. Read more »

Estamos atentos: Photos and lessons from Friday's anti-violence march in the Mission


It's hard to say if the march of neighbors from the 16th Street BART station, to Valencia Street, to 24th Street, and back down Mission Street will stop attacks like the January 6th assault on 23rd and Guerrero Streets that inspired last Friday's anti-violence demonstration and walk. But for a community that feels nervous about walking one's own sidewalks at times due to an ongoing spate of sexual assaults, that wasn't really the point. 

"No violence, no police! From the bathroom, to the streets!" went the crowd's chant, led by an ambulatory drum circle past the 1,000 new restaurant seats on Valencia and the tourists snapping photos of the massive, swaying protest puppets above our heads. Making the violence visible? Check. A disempowering situation turned into a show of strength? Check. Read more »

The 'heightened sensitivity' blues

One woman's angertorial regarding progressive politics in SF



"No one can deny that there is presently a particular sensitivity around domestic violence issues, and this may have been a contributing factor in their decision in this instance. I want to emphasize that I respect this heightened sensitivity and I will not criticize those allies of mine that have chosen to withdraw support."

- Oct. 17 press statement from District 5 candidate Julian DavisRead more »

Asking men vapid questions


Guardian staffers adore Seattle's "only newspaper in town," the Stranger. And we're sending a major air kiss north for its cover package this week "Men Who Rock."  Read more »

Feminist vigilante gangs to march on Oakland Friday


Oakland’s last feminist vigilante gangs march was a demonstration promoting offensive feminism in response to rape, assault, and murder of “women, queers, gender rebels and allies.” It was also a birthday party.

“The first march basically came about because it was my 30th birthday,” said Lauren, one of the organizers of that march and a second feminist vigilante gangs march, which will take place in Oakland on Friday. Read more »

Pro-life Bernal billboard corrected by feminist vandals


[H/t Bernalwood]

Those in favor of a women's right to choose need no longer avert their eyes from that squalling pro-life billboard on the corner of Cortland and Andover -- some midnight marauders "corrected" its anti-choice sentiment. Who says there's no good street art in San Francisco?

Chauvinism: Not a good tool for fighting chauvinism


I know we're all feeling a little queasy from all the Tampa tidings, but let's remember why we're here.

Mark Morford's column on SFGate on Tuesday should have been another smart, snarky putdown of anti-feminist Republican platforming. But it turned out to be even more of a bummer than Condoleeza Rice hiding her pro-choice-ness under a podium. Read more »