Front Porch

Bowled over

Move over New Orleans -- Front Porch has the best shrimp and grits


CHEAP EATS It started when our friend Stringbean texted that their mom and pop were going to New Orleans, where should they tell them to eat? Hedgehog was preparing a long, thorough, annotated email response while I texted back one word: Bacchanal. And then we both looked at each other and started to cry.Read more »

Southern obsession

Comfort comes a-callin': down home delights (and some tasty battered chicken) at Hops and Hominy, Hog and Rocks, and Front Porch


APPETITE Southern food has a profound hold on me. No, I'm not a Southerner — but few cuisines the world over elicit in me such yearning and comfort. Finding the real deal in the Bay Area is tricky, although a recent Southern trend has helped. Aside from my beloved Brenda's and delightful Boxing Room, the following spots fulfill cravings.

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