Honey Soundsystem ending Sunday parties: SF so over now :/


That sound you hear right now? Every cool gay and/or techno nerd in the city rending their exquisitely positioned garments. Honey Soundsystem has just announced via newsletter that Oct. 20 will see the end of its weekly Sunday party at Holy Cow, one of the best overall club nights in the world. 

"We started out wanting to make house and techno a regular thing for queens -- and we did that and now it's time to move on," DJ P-Play of the collective told me. "We're glad the party is so good right now, and we're stopping it while it's hot.

"We're confident enough to move in a direction where people have to think again. Where we're going with the music, together and individually, is too complicated for a weekly night.

"Now it's up to the queens of SF to decide if they want to continue to keep this city interesting, or if they're going to settle for the same top 40 bullshit."

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