General Strike

On crowd size during the Occupy Oakland General Strike


Having spent all day in Oakland Wedesday for the General Strike launched by Occupy Oakland, I knew something was wrong when I read reports like this one, which appeared in the San Jose Mercury News:

"Quan said she was happy the crowd -- which police estimate hit 7,000 people at one point -- protested all day with only a small amount of destruction and violence." (Emphasis mine.)Read more »

When Occupy Oakland shut down the port (VIDEO)


The grand finale of a day of rallies and marches scheduled for Oakland's Nov. 2 General Strike was a shutdown of the Port of Oakland, in which hordes of protesters accessed the property from different entry points, standing atop train cars and trucks while whooping and chanting. Clusters of groups blocking each gate of the sprawling property featured something different: Brass bands, small assemblies using the "human mic" style of communicating as a crowd, dance parties, and impromptu reunions.Read more »