Bizarro mainstream SF sweeps Grindr's "Best of 2012" -- pukes us in the mouth a little


Dear gay hookup app Grindr,

Maybe it's just an indication of the type of homosexual who uses your service, and who deigns to participate in surveys like your new "Best of 2012" attempt to broaden your reach into hyperlocalism (soooo 2k9, btw). Or maybe its merely very telling of how you've lost any edginess to rivals like Scruff -- which, judging from a Scruff glance, is very sad indeed.

But thanks for the violent retch and terrified giggle yesterday when you unveiled the reader-selected wieners  winners of your besties awards. You somehow managed to record every crap gay mainstream stereotype of San Francisco you could, sorry. Also, craaaazy. Scott Wiener as "best community advocate"? Is Pottery Barn a community? 

Anyway, San Francisco itself won every local category of the national survey. Also telling! What uncruisable gym queen with expensive hair is sitting in Badlands right now, possibly Scott Wiener's best friend, refreshing Grindr and voting wildly? Can someone call their alcoholic Rihanna fan roommate in embroidered jeans and wraparound Gucci shades and find out?

Below is the list of top vote-getters, with commentary

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How much hot gay tail are the rabid conservative gentlemen of America getting at CPAC?


Hooray, it's time for our favorite blog post of the year. Every year Wonkette goes to the huge Conservative Political Action Convention in DC, and trolls Craigslist for attendees looking for gay sex. Then Wonkette posts the ads. This installment features Dan Savage scanning the CPAC crowd with Grindr! Check it out here.