You must have a Peaches Christ mask


Er, if you have $200 to spare for this flawless Nikki Dyer latex piece. Clean with warm water. Do not scrub; just wipe away dirt. And maybe keep away from kids

Halloween style guide: A timely warning about hipster headdresses


One of my favorite activities of late seems to be railing against the prevalence of "Native American"-themed swag that a certain demographic has recently been using to accessorize their MDMA and Chromeo sets (no thanks to you Urban Outfitters -- but reluctant semantic kudos for de-naming the line in question "Navajo"). Just in time for Halloween, along comes a blog that can neatly sum up these feelings, and do it in a constructive way. Please forward to your girlfriend frantically readying her dreamcatcher earrings. Read more »

Interview with a master pumpkin carver: Shawn Feeney of Team Bling Bats


The triumphant Team Bling Bats might owe some of their success to German electronic music pioneer Karlheinz Stockhausen. Without it, the champions of the Food Network reality design show Halloween Wars might not have had the kickass contributions of SF local Shawn Feeney, who helped drive the team to victory in the four-episode series final show on Sunday.

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