Hairy dilemma

Dogs in restaurants are more common than ever, despite being illegal for mere pets, a trend that service dog owners don't like


It used to be rare to see dogs in restaurants — which many people see as gross and the health codes don't allow — but not anymore. It's an increasingly common sight to see dogs in Bay Area restaurants, grocery stores, bars, and others businesses that traditionally haven't allowed them.Read more »

Tonight, a film that will change how you see mental illness


What does it mean to be mentally ill? Mentally well? If a person feels debilitating rage and sadness faced with the realities of the world around them, does the problem lie with the person or with society? What exactly needs fixing?

These are some of the questions raised by Crooked Beauty, a 30-minute film that originated in San Francisco and has been translated and distributed internationally.Read more »

Cell phone radiation documentary screens tomorrow


The pre-screening wine bar won't erase the sinister implications of tomorrow's Artist's Television Access showing of Reconnect. On Sat/28, filmmaker Kevin Kunze will show a rough cut of the film that will make you think twice about answering your next phone call. Read more »

Green shopping guide: 8 sources of weekend-ready, enviro-friendly beauty


Beauty is said to only be skin-deep -- but the businesses that use holistic, organic, and plant-based ingredients want to demolish this age-old idiom. You can simultaneously rejuvenate yourself and the planet by ditching those toxic, harmful products once and for all. Think of it! With their products and services, self-care is no longer akin to being vain or selfish. These eight local spas, soapmakers, and producers of flower-based essences align nature, commerce, and beauty so that the world can sustain that perfect summer glow. Read more »

Bike lightly

Build your own bamboo steed in this new Tenderloin shop


DIY has long been an integral part of San Franciscan culture. Underground music venues, art cars, pop-up food trucks — San Franciscans have been crafting their own good times for years. And while the concept of creating and customizing your own bike isn't new, a bike studio in the Tenderloin is putting a lightweight, environmentally-friendly spin on it.Read more »