Good girls inhale

Is new play Toke the Eat, Pray, Love of weed?



HERBWISE This is the image that could very well legalize weed in the United States, if not on the books then in our national subconscious: a be-curlered, white-bathrobed housewife ducking behind the backyard clothesline for a quick toke before her adolescent son comes to ask her to wash his gear for the Little League championship tomorrow.

Dee Dee Kirkwood thinks so. The playwright behind Toke places the image at the center of an opening scene in her semi-autobiographical play about a woman and her weed.Read more »


Our new Herbwise column tells you what to smoke (and eat) for this year's SF Street Food Festival


HERBWISE There will be things at this weekend's Street Food Festival that you will want to eat. Oh yes, very much so. And damn if there won't be things that you will want to look at — and then eat.

One of these things will be Rosa Rodriguez' Sweets Collection gelatin desserts: small, sweet cups in which three dimensional flowers bloom, taunting you to stick a spoon in them. I will take them over designer cupcakes any day.Read more »