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Dick Meister: Stamp out sexual harassment


By Dick Meister

Dick Meister, former labor editor of the SF Chronicle and KQED-TV Newsroom, has covered labor and politics for more than a half-century. Contact him through his website, www.dickmeister.com, which includes more than 350 of his columns.

Thanks to the recent widely publicized reports of alleged sexual harassment by some highly prominent men, the serious problem of sexual harassment on the job has drawn lots of attention from unions and other advocates of working women. And for good reason.

A recent Washington Post-ABC News poll indicated that nearly two-thirds of Americans now consider sexual harassment a problem. The poll also showed that about one-fourth of the country's working women report having been sexually harassed on the job.

The increasing concern about harassment may very well explain the withdrawal of Republican Herman Cain from the presidential race amid allegations that he made unwanted sexual advances while heading the National Restaurant Association in the 1990s. Read more »

The women who love Herman Cain


Sexual harassment is serious, and Herman Cain ought to be held to account for the sizable number of allegations against him. (Really, whatever Cain says, most women don't make this stuff up; going public is painful enough). The charges that he had an affair? Whatever -- that's none of my business or anyone else's. But in the GOP world, being "unfaithful" is a pretty serious sin (unless, of course, your name is Newt Gingrich).

Still, it's pretty creepy that he's set up a "women for Cain" website, with some truly bizarre testimonials:

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