High Sierra Music Festival

High summer: Shots from Quincy and the High Sierra Music Festival


Ever wonder what it's like to be a festival photographer? Allen David has been going to camping festivals in California for decades. He sent us over action shots from the July 5-8 High Sierra Music Festival, and wrote up his bird's eye view of the Quincy, Calif. happenings -- including his assessment of Hasidic reggae-rapper Matisyahu's child-rearing skills

Last week, I packed up my vintage Beemer with all my camping needs; beers and crazy clothes. My trusty camera and I were headed up to High Sierra Music Festival in Quincy. 

My drive took me up State Route 70 along the Feather River, one of my favorite places to cruise in California. Whenever you feel too hot, there is always a spot to pull over and cool off in the churning river. At sunset I reached the will call booth and waited in line with other festival revelers to earn my entry into a weekend filled with music, dancing, drinking, and debauchery.

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The faces of High Sierra


All photos by Erik Anderson

Consider the camping festival. A chance for music, art, and recreational drug use fans to slough off the shackles of outrageous office jobs in the summertime and head out for the hills, to engage in traditional Mardi Gras mode where playing is your job, three concurrent stages of live music is the norm, and everyone -- everyone! -- has the residue of somebody's glitter in their facial hair (and they all have facial hair).

Such was the 2011 High Sierra Music Festival in Quincy, Calif. -- can you tell it was a good time? Read more »

Festie lovin' up in the High Sierra


All photos by Allen David 

Keyboard and organ player Dave Faulkner didn't have to think too hard about the most golden moments of this year's High Sierra music festival (although he did say that the Black Crowes “nailed it” at their Saturday evening main stage performance). “I love it when you're just walking around, and you see a random jam that's totally rocking. I think High Sierra attracts a lot of musicians - it's like a sample platter of bands.” Read more »