The bubble is back

City policies are encouraging a new tech boom — but have we learned any lessons from the last one?


San Francisco's future is in the process of being written, once again using lines of computer code and blips on the screens of electronic gadgets, the same as during the last dot-com boom. Its proponents insist it will be different this time — that Boom 2.0 won't displace the working class, that the bubble won't burst — but critics have their doubts.Read more »

SOPA, PIPA, and the 99 percent artists


It’s described as Hollywood v. Silicon Valley, a battle of powerful giants, the entertainment world against the tech world, and at first, the entertainment world won out -- the Stop Online Piracy Act soared through its first Senate hearing and won unanimous committee approval. It sounded so simple -- who’s in favor of piracy?Read more »