Iron Maiden

Vintage riffs: "Maiden England '88" on DVD


Attention Iron Maiden fans: today, the seminal NWOBHM band releases a DVD version of Maiden England '88, a concert film shot on the seminal tour's stop in Birmingham, England (with never-before-seen encore footage to boot).

The two-disc set, which is full of stuff you've probably never seen at all unless you take really good care of your VHS tapes and still have a working VCR, also includes Twelve Wasted Years, a 1987 doc about Maiden's humble beginnings and rise to metal god status; The History of Iron Maiden Pt. 3, a 40-minute doc focusing on the band in the late 1980s; and promo videos of hits from that period, including "Can I Play With Madness" and "The Evil That Men Do."

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