Justin Hall

Triumph of queer comics: Justin Hall wins Lambda, 'Adèle' takes Cannes


Two cool, queer graphic surprises, just in time for Pride month. First, local comics hero, Califormia College of the Arts professor, and frequent SFBG contributor (not to mention out-of-the-closet Batman lover) Justin Hall took the 2013 Lambda Award for Best Anthology yesterday with his groundbreaking historical queer comics survey No Straight Lines: Four Decades of Queer Comics (Fantagraphics Books).

This a huge deal, as this is the first time a comics anthology has won. (A graphic novel by Oakland's Jon Macy, Teleny and Camille, won for Best Erotic Novel in 2011, also a first.)

Hall told me right after his win:

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Out of the Batcloset

"Batman on Robin" group art show unleashes Dynamic Duo's unspoken desire



VISUAL ARTS "When I first saw the 1970s comics version of Batman by Neal Adams, I got a bit weak-kneed — though I was too young to know what that meant at the time," comics artist Justin Hall ("No Straight Lines: Four Decades of Queer Comics," "Glamazonia") told me over a beer at his Mission apartment. "Here was a more realist Batman, with muscles and chest hair ... and he had gotten rid of Robin at that point, which left room for me!"Read more »