Boo ya!

HALLOWEEN 2011: Our spooky, kooky, altogether ookie roundup of Halloween events to die for


Hell's bells, our very own high unholy day approaches — and the fact that Halloween's on a Monday this year means an entire weekend of insane. Oh, why not just make it a whole week. Surely you have a week's worth of slutty Rick Perry toupee costumes in your closet? Tape 'em on crooked and check out some of the eee-vil events below, from fiendishly family friendly to naughtily "adult."

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The summer camp that'll change the world, now accepting applications


Kids. Activist. Summer. Camp. The words kind of send shivers down our Never-Never Land synapses. And though we're not exactly the target demographic for the Santa Cruz Mountains' Youth Empowered Action Camp, breathless longtime camp professional Nora Kramer's three year old vision of a place where socially conscious rockstars ages 12 to 17 could get together, hike it out, eat delicious vegan foods, and work on their plan to change the world has us all riled up in a yeah-that-exactly way. 

The first California -- there's also a session in our northernly neighbor Oregon -- camp session starts real soon (July 23) and Kramer wants everyone to know that scholarships for young Julia Butterfly Hills and Van Joneses -- wherever they're at in their activist skills and projects -- are available. Know a parent or a kidlet? Forward them this interview, which single-handedly put Kramer and her team way, way up there on our "people who are really awesome" list. Read more »