Lady Bunny

Fluffy Bunners: Filthy, funny Lady Bunny comes to SF


"Oh it's hot and it's sticky and it's naaaaasty," said drag goddess Lady Bunny of the current New York City summer weather. "And that's just how I like it. The kind of men I like can't afford to leave the City when it's hot, so they just have to strip down and stay put, right where I can get at 'em.

"Let those other queens got to Provincetown or Fire Island or wherever. Lady Bunny's got everything she needs right here: sweaty men and a big can of hairspray."

Watch you don't explode there, Bunion! We need you to make that flight to San Francisco to star at the weekly Some Thing party on Fri/2 (10pm-late, $8. The Stud, 399 Ninth St., SF.)

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