Lia Rose

Watch: Lia Rose's "Trainwreck Tuesday"


"You ever been in that place where you really want to be in love, deep down you know you deserve love, but some part of you manages to mess every good thing up?" That's what SF indie-folk songstress Lia Rose says when asked what inspired the song "Trainwreck Tuesday." (Answer: Duh.) "So, that's where I was at when I wrote that song." Read more »

Lia Rose lets go on new album ‘Bricks and Bones’


Bay Area country-folk artist Lia Rose is a ball of sunshine both on stage and off. But if you listened to her songs, you’d know it’s not because life’s been easy, it’s just that she’s chosen to face its struggles head on, chin up.

Rose played the Great American Music Hall with Blame Sally in early May and performed on NPR’s West Coast Live in April, where she met author Ruth Ozeki, with whom she’s currently collaborating on a song. Her second full-length solo album Bricks and Bones will be released this Sat/20, the night of her record-release party at the Chapel in San Francisco. In short, the bubbly, talented musician is doing quite well. Read more »

Telegenic Band Check: Lia Rose

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Berkeley-based musician Lia Rose enchanted SFBG videographer Ariel Soto-Suver and a handful of others with her beautiful voice during an intimate living room concert in the Castro hills last week. Read more »