Luna the Fashion Kitty

Internet cats, in their own words: Luna the Fashion Kitty


While writing this week's Pets Issue cover story on world domination by Internet-famous cat magnates -- or the "Cat Pack," as they will forever after be dubbed thanks to the quick linguistic thinking of Mike "Owner of Lil Bub" Bridavsky during our interview for the piece -- a certain fashion icon was never far from my mind.

Luna the Fashion Kitty is hardly the most famous Internet cat, but her cross-eyed good looks, coupled with owner Rocio Grijalva's ability to get her to wear tutus and hairbows, is to me emblematic of the American Dream. Let the fact that Luna hails from the city of Hermosillo, in the Mexican state of Sonora allow you to draw your own conclusions about the continued cultural relevancy of that trope. Read more »