Lust for Life

Runs in the family

Everything Nana taught me about being sexy 


LUST FOR LIFE My Calabrese grandmother is 98, but people routinely mistake her for 75. Nana's tiny and round, witty and brazen, with laughter in her voice and a mischievous twinkle in her eyes. She stays up late to watch World Wrestling Federation matches, swears like a sailor, cooks like a goddess, crochets, and maintains a garden full of fruit trees.Read more »

Hot reels

Sizing up YBCA's retro porn fest


LUST FOR LIFE In 1969, San Francisco became the first American city to legalize screening hardcore pornography. In honor of director Michael Stabile's documentary-in-progress Smut Capital of America, which chronicles the 1969 event and SF's ensuing pivotal role in the adult film industry during the early 1970s, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts is sponsoring a festival from July 14-Aug. 24 that will screen Stabile's project and seven vintage porn films.Read more »

Fetish and armor

"I felt so much more powerful in those impossible heels, tits pushed up and out, cleavage for days..."


LUST FOR LIFE The year I was 16, I wore nothing but thrift shop vintage lingerie. As outerwear. I'd layer two slips or two half-slips on top of each other so they wouldn't be quite as see-through and clomp around in impossibly high heels. I bought my actual underwear from the Victoria's Secret at the mall when they had their blowout sales. There and at places like Forever 21 — flashy, clubby, and cheap.Read more »

Lust for Life: The true meaning of Gay Christmas


Yeah, Pride's got its problems – but that doesn't mean it can't be epic

Every year without fail, my friends and I talk about how June is Gay Christmas in San Francisco. We pronounce it like it has to be capitalized and ends with an exclamation point. Sometimes I even sing the words a little -- “Gaaay Christmas! La-la!” -- like the holiday comes complete with its own carols. Read more »