Cosmetic changes

Looking for a cruelty-free fall look? Swagger Cosmetics' got that shade


STREET SEEN "Oh, now there's someone taking a picture of us," says Swagger Cosmetics founder Blake Karamazov, gesturing at a paparazzi who is snapping away through the cafe's plate glass window. No shade, shutterbug — drag visions being interviewed while eating vegan Asian pear pie at 2:30pm deserve a capture or 10. (But c'mon, next time ask first.)Read more »

Key lime hair with a side of porno: the Brande Baugh story


“My job is really weird. I think about that all the time.”

The Mission is a neighborhood accustomed to eccentric individuals. One would think Brande Baugh’s key lime hair and vintage Misfits t-shirt would make her fit right in. Yet her presence in a neighborhood cafe still elicited several stares when she walked in -- with her perfectly-curated face, pastel pink lipstick, and evenly-powdered face, Baugh looked like one of Warhol’s Marlyn Monroe silkscreens. Though Baugh stays pretty busy living and working in Los Angeles, she also has regular gigs at Kink, a San Francisco-based pornography website that specializes in bondage and BDSM

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