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Metallica's Kirk Hammett melds metal and monsters for his first 'Fear FestEvil'


CULTURE Like a mad scientist who has decided to open up his secret laboratory and show off his work to select guests, Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett hosts "Fear FestEvil," a convention bringing together the worlds of horror and heavy metal. Hammett has long been a horror film aficionado, and has amassed an extensive movie memorabilia collection of original props, costumes, posters, toys, and more over the years — an obsession that dates back to his childhood growing up in San Francisco.Read more »

The good, the bad, and the delicious at Outside Lands


Recovered yet? We're almost there. It was a frenzied, foggy, dusty and memorable weekend at Outside Lands in Golden Gate Park. There were sonic high points that brought us to tears, and bathroom lines that did the same. Here are our favorite moments, a photo slideshow of awesome performances -- and the niggling things that got under our skin. Read more »

Outside Lands 2012 announced: Stevie Wonder, Metallica, Jack White


Holy cow, the Outside Lands lineup is out and it is packed full of major, big name acts. How long 'till San Francisco festival season? More thoughts on this to come. But for now, confirmed Outside Lands 2012 lineup is below:

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YEAR IN MUSIC 2011: New photo book Murder in the Front Row looks back at the infancy of Bay Area thrash. Plus: top 10 metal albums of the year


Year in Music "This is not a definitive history book," Murder in the Front Row author-photographer Brian Lew is careful to point out. "We wanted it to be more like a time machine."

Lew and his co-author, photographer Harald Oimoen, are not household names. Their photographs, on the other hand, are world famous. That's Oimoen's shot of Slayer, wreathed in smoke, on the back of Hell Awaits. Cliff Burton bending a string to the breaking point on the back of Metallica's Ride the Lightning? Oimoen again.Read more »