Minimal Wave

Fete or Fate: Minimal Wave mini-fest washes over Bay


The minimal synth movement -- which revives obscure (and launches new) careers in the Cold Wave, analogue electronic DIY synthesizer sound of the early '80s -- has been going strong since it first hit the Internet radio and underground club scene nearly a decade ago. While SF no longer has a night really dedicated to the sounds of such overlooked yet amazing acts like Ausgang Verboten, Esplendor Geometrico, Eleven Pond, Xex, and Zwischenfall, we've managed to work tunes from their ilk onto the rosters of regular parties like OK Hole, Haceteria, Dark Room, and more.

Best of all for SF, we have DJ Josh Cheon's Dark Entries Records, leading the way with reissues and new works that beckon that chilly underground feeling of yore. Seriously, spend a minute browsing the catalogue and you're sure to be intrigued. 

And now it's time for a minimal mini-fest, huzzah.

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