On the Move

Street Fight

How whining motorists hijack smart, equitable transit planning


(Editor's Note: Welcome to our new monthly transportation column by Jason Henderson, an urban geography professor at San Francisco State University and the author of Street Fight: The Politics of Mobility in San Francisco (UMass Press, 2013). Onward!)

San Francisco is in a mobility stalemate that is becoming increasingly inequitable.Read more »

Pumped up

Hiking on the Pacific Crest Trail — in high heels


Bay's Guardian: The Troll

Officials create a new troll to protect a new bridge


The Loma Prieta earthquake of 1989 ravaged the Bay Area, killed 63 people and caused over $6 billion in property damage. The top deck of the Bay Bridge's eastern span collapsed, spurring flurried repairs.

But when the crews were done, a new guardian for the Bay Bridge emerged: a small, steel troll, welded underneath the upper deck. He was a mystery to many, but not to all.Read more »

Where's my car?

Here's what happens when your car gets stolen in San Francisco


By Rebecca Bowe


There's a great scene in The Big Lebowski that my friend reminded me of when I lamented that the San Francisco Police Department didn't seem to care that my car had been stolen.

Of course they don't, silly, this friend responded with a hearty laugh. It's like when The Dude asks a Los Angeles cop whether there are any "leads" on the whereabouts of his stolen car (along with the briefcase full of money inside).Read more »

Waiting for BRT

Why is it taking so long to build long-planned bus rapid transit systems on Van Ness and Geary?


By Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez


You're on Muni's underground line, the train stalled just shy of your stop, just stuck there, the light at the end of the tunnel right in front of you. It's a frustrating feeling, right?

With more than six years worth of delays in three major transit overhauls — the Van Ness, Geary and Geneva Bus Rapid Transit Projects — it's beginning to feel just like that.Read more »

A bridge so far

Contemplating the new Bay Bridge and the old, from the incomplete bike and pedestrian path in between


By Steven T. Jones


Pedaling onto the Bay Bridge over the weekend, I was suspended between our industrial past and sleek present. But my ride into the future was abruptly stopped just before I reached the island.

All the experts say we should all just be happy with the world's longest bike and pedestrian pier, and it certainly is a wondrous thing to behold, this spacious and beautiful two-mile path that pasted big grins on the dozens of faces that I rode past on its sunny first Friday in operation.Read more »