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Calvin Trillin: Explaining the resurrection of Newt Gingrich


Two attempts to explain the resurrection of Newt Gingrich


Yes, Newt appeared  dead at least twice. 

If Mitt's guys were playing it smart,

They would have made certain of that

By driving a stake through his heart.


But Newt might have said if they had,

Proceed, Mitt. You'll see I won't mind it.

You're free to drive stakes through my heart,

Except that you'll first have to find it.

Calvin Trillin, The Nation, 2/13/2012


Calvin Trillin: Deadline poet on Rick Perry and Tim Tebow


Rick Perry Compares Himself to Denver Broncos Quarterback Tim Tebow

So Perry is fond of debates now,

He's calling himself in these rumbles

An Iowa caucus Tebow--

Except for how he fumbles.

(Calvin Trillin, Deadline Poet, The Nation (1/9/2012)