Striking Out

Stadium concession workers — without a contract since 2010, denied tip jars, some paid less than minimum wage — aren't sharing in the San Francisco Giants' success and rising prices


Today marks 1,575 days since concession workers at AT&T Park have had a raise, during which time the San Francisco Giants have been fabulously successful, both on and off the playing field.

The 750 workers represented by UNITE-HERE Local 2 are currently involved in frustrating and fruitless negotiations with their employer, Centerplate, a South Carolina-based food service company contracted by the Giants to sell beer, garlic fries, and other overpriced consumables at games.Read more »

Meet the new supervisor

How will Christina Olague balance loyalty to Mayor Lee with the needs of the city's most progressive district?


Christina Olague, the newest member of the Board of Supervisors, faces a difficult balancing act. She was appointed by Mayor Ed Lee, whom she supported as co-chair of the controversial "Run Ed Run" campaign, to fill the vacancy in District 5, an ultra-progressive district whose voters rejected Lee in favor of John Avalos by a 2-1 margin.Read more »


Burning Man ticket fiasco renews criticism of SF-based Black Rock City LLC


Burning Man is a hyper-collaborative event controlled by its tens of thousands of participants — except when it isn't, as when policies are dictated by the six-member board of SF-based Black Rock City LLC. And that core conflict now has many burners seething, without tickets to this year's event, critical of a badly designed new ticket distribution system, and wary of reassurances being offered by the LLC.Read more »

Pay to park

Are residents angry at bureaucratic bungling — or just with the loss of free street parking?


The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency has hailed the success of its SFpark program — which uses high-tech meters and demand-variable pricing to manage on-street parking — noting that expired meter citations are down and meter revenue is up. The resulting 11 percent net increase in revenue  is all going to improve Muni. So transit improves, drivers get more spots and fewer tickets — everybody wins.Read more »

The unlikely sheriff

Michael Hennessy has battled through controversies and cop culture to create the most progressive Sheriff's Department in the nation


Michael Hennessey has served as San Francisco's sheriff for half of his life, the longest such career in California history — and by all accounts the most progressive. Since taking office in 1980, Hennessey has been an island of liberal enlightenment in a political climate and law enforcement culture where tough-talking conservatism has been ascendant.Read more »

Morrissey's show at the Fox is canceled


It is with a heavy heart that we must give you this news, Morrissey's show at the Fox in Oakland tonight has been canceled.

Read more »

The Guardian Clean Slate 2011

Avalos for mayor, Mirkarimi for sheriff: Our voter printout guide to take to the polls on Nov. 8


1. John Avalos
2. Dennis Herrera
3. Leland Yee

1. David Onek
2. Sharmin Bock
3. Bill Fazio


1. Ross Mirkarimi


Proposition A (school bonds): YES
Proposition B (street bonds): YES
Proposition C (consensus pension reform): YES
Proposition D (Adachi pension reform): NO
Proposition E (changing voter initiatives): NO Read more »

The Eagle flies? -- property disputes, protests, and the uncertain future of an SF institution


The commendation presented this afternoon by Supervisor Jane Kim to The Eagle Tavern recognizing its 30 outstanding years as a “venue, cultural institution, safe haven and home for the LGBT community” won’t be enough to pacify everyone who nests there – especially if their aerie is taken away.

Monday night, as many as 300 people gathered for an emergency meeting outside the beloved SoMa institution, trying to figure out how best to prevent that possibility in the face of an April 29 closure and potential eviction. Among them were representatives from the offices of supervisors Scott Weiner and Jane Kim, as well as former supervisor Bevan Dufty. Read more »

High time

DRUGS ISSUE: California could legalize pot this fall -- so why are medical marijuana providers grumbling?

DRUGS With polls showing that California voters are probably poised to approve Proposition 19 in November and finally fully legalize marijuana, this should be a historic moment for jubilant celebration among those who have long argued for an end to the government's costly war on the state's biggest cash crop. But instead, many longtime cannabis advocates — particularly those in the medical marijuana business — are voicing only cautious optimism mixed with fear of an uncertain future.Read more »

Care not crash

The Bike Plan is finally free. Can it help soothe tensions between cyclists and motorists?


Fresh coats of paint are hitting the pavement in San Francisco, creating new zones of supposed safety for bicyclists. But that long-awaited change comes at a time when local cyclists are as fearful as ever of automobiles, particularly following a horrifying incident in which a motorist intentionally ran down four cyclists.Read more »