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Calvin Trillin: End of the line for Newt?


End of the line for Newt?

Sheldon Adelson, the Las Vegas billionaire who has been the biggest backer to a group supporting Newt Gingrich, said this week that Mr. Gingrich had reached 'the end of the line' in his bid for the presidency." New York Times

So Newt's coming closer to facing defeat?

His main sugar daddy's no longer so sweet.

And Newt never was: why when he had the power

Of all that sugar, he still sounded sour.

Calvin Trillin.The Nation. 4/21/2012.



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Calvin Trillin: On not leaving the field


On not leaving the field

Ring-wingers who want to be heard

Note Newt's place is solidly third.

But if right wing votes were combined,

The front-runner might fall behind.

So they say to Newt, "Won't you go?"

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Calvin Trillin: Romney unconcerned about the poor


Romney says he's not concerned about the poor

"The remark about the poor immediately became catalogued in a growing list of awkward comments by Mr. Romney." --The New York Times

His profile's divine.

His shoes have a shine;

They're almost as shined as his hair.

And voters ignore

That seeking Mitt's core

Has failed because nothing is there.

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Calvin Trillin: Adelson, Adelson



(Sung by Newt Gingrich supporters, to the tune of "Edelweiss," from the Sound of Music)

Adelson, Adelson,

Your donations do cheer him.

We who root

For our Newt

Smile whenever you schmeer him.

Absent your vow

That you should endow

Newt's campaign with plenty,

Adelson, Adelson,

He'd be dead as Pawlenty.

Calvin Trillin: Deadline Poet: The Nation 2/20/2012)

Calvin Trillin: Explaining the resurrection of Newt Gingrich


Two attempts to explain the resurrection of Newt Gingrich


Yes, Newt appeared  dead at least twice. 

If Mitt's guys were playing it smart,

They would have made certain of that

By driving a stake through his heart.


But Newt might have said if they had,

Proceed, Mitt. You'll see I won't mind it.

You're free to drive stakes through my heart,

Except that you'll first have to find it.

Calvin Trillin, The Nation, 2/13/2012


Calvin Trillin: Newt lays into Mitt


It's "pious baloney." Yes, pious baloney.

What Mitt speaks, Newt says, is remarkably phony:

His citizen pose is all hooey;

He's hungered for office like Thomas E. Dewey.

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The GOP primary: Enjoy the show


The 49ers game isn't until Sunday, but in the meantime, I hope everyone's enjoying the spectacle that is the Republican primary in South Carolina. First off, we have John King asking His Newtness about allegations that he wanted an "open marriage" and setting off a classic Newtron bomb. Read more »

Newt Gingrich, commie radical


Actually, more likely Newt Gingrich, Scorched Earth Opportunist, but whatever, we'll take it: Newt -- he the friend of plutocrats and one-time lobbyist for predatory lenders -- is launching an assault on Mitt Romney, calling him, in essence, a capitalist pig who exploits the workers.Read more »

My (latest) favorite website ever


Rick Perry will fight a chicken with hand. He says so himself, right here. And Newt Gingrich reminds us that you can't think when you're fucking high.

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