Occupy Cal

Berkeley Police implement new limits on spying and mutual aid


The Berkeley Police Department is undergoing some major policy changes after mounting pressure from the community to enact reforms, with new limits on its participation with other law enforcement agencies.  Read more »

Alameda County sheriff is shocked


Sarah Jane Holcombe, a graduate student in public health at UC Berkeley (and a neighbor of mine), was disturbed to see Alameda County deputy sheriffs using unnecessary force against peaceful student demonstrators. Read more »

The scene at Occupy Cal last night (VIDEO)


Students at the University of California at Berkeley voted overwhelmingly to reestablish an Occupy encampment at the university's Sproul Plaza yesterday, Nov. 15, following a student strike and Day of Action packed with marches, rallies, and student protests called in response to a police crackdown on Occupy Cal's first attempt to set up tents Nov. 9.Read more »