Occupy Oakland

Student protests shut down business as usual (VIDEO)


By Yael Chanoff, Nena Farrell, and Shawn Gaynor

Tuesday and Wednesday, Nov. 15 and 16, marked galvanizing student-led protests that shut down a Bank of America branch at Davis and California streets in San Francisco, prompted walk-outs and marches through the streets of Berkeley, and fed the momentum initiated by the Occupy Oakland and Occupy San Francisco encampments. Read more »

Occupy your imagination: Tomorrow, hear the words of a Mission son


It's getting into the grind time for the Occupy movement. The first, brilliant tactic of camping out in our nation's towns and cities is meeting with a nationally-coordinated crack-down, just like we all knew it would. It's time for phase two.

Benjamin Bac Sierra knows a lot about reimagining. The author survived an adolescence among the Mission gangs to publish the first novel by a native son to come out of the neighborhood in decades

“Once upon a time,” he writes on his blog announcing a lecture tomorrow (Thu/17) at City College,  “the truth was that I was supposed to be a dishwashing convict criminal and to disagree with that truth was to fight the universe.” Read more »

U.S. mayors holding regular discussions about Occupy protests


The U.S. Conference of Mayors, a nonpartisan organization of cities with populations of 30,000 or more, is holding regular discussions about Occupy protests nationwide. In recent days, protests that sprung up as part of the Occupy Wall Street movement in New York, Oakland, Portland, Denver, and some others were targeted with police crackdowns. Read more »

Police raid Occupy Oakland a second time (VIDEO)


Officers from the Oakland Police Department and other regional law enforcement agencies raided the Occupy Oakland encampment early this morning, tearing down the protest site while activists and supporters milled about in the intersection at 14th and Broadway streets, chanting and shouting "Shame! Shame! Shame!"

Protesters had received eviction notices from the City of Oakland in the days before the raid, and word that a police crackdown was imminent traveled via Twitter and text message updates, bringing several hundred people out into the intersection beginning around 2 a.m. Read more »

Editor's notes

Occupy Oakland doesn't need broken windows to get its message across



I really can't get that upset about the broken bank windows in Oakland. This is minor stuff, a tiny part of what has been largely a peaceful Occupy movement. The windows have been replaced, the banks and their insurance companies have paid for it, the Occupy people helped clean up ... whatever.Read more »

The Black Bloc is always with us


I learned about how a handful of people could screw up a major demonstration back in 1984, when the Democratic National Convention was in San Francisco and a fairly large number of peace activists had arranged a protest called the "War Chest Tour." The idea was to draw attention to the fact that Democrats as well as Republicans got big campaign donations from defense contractors whose business was making war. Read more »

On crowd size during the Occupy Oakland General Strike


Having spent all day in Oakland Wedesday for the General Strike launched by Occupy Oakland, I knew something was wrong when I read reports like this one, which appeared in the San Jose Mercury News:

"Quan said she was happy the crowd -- which police estimate hit 7,000 people at one point -- protested all day with only a small amount of destruction and violence." (Emphasis mine.)Read more »

Remember, remember to shift your funds in November: A guide to local credit unions


As Oakland gains world fame for its police violence, this fifth of November will almost certainly be overrun with imagery of Guy Fawkes and his Gunpowder Plot. But hopefully it'll be one of the most solid steps towards change the Occupy movement has seen yet. National Bank Transfer Day is on for this weekend – have you picked out what credit union you'll be shifting your funds to yet? We can help. Read more »

When Occupy Oakland shut down the port (VIDEO)


The grand finale of a day of rallies and marches scheduled for Oakland's Nov. 2 General Strike was a shutdown of the Port of Oakland, in which hordes of protesters accessed the property from different entry points, standing atop train cars and trucks while whooping and chanting. Clusters of groups blocking each gate of the sprawling property featured something different: Brass bands, small assemblies using the "human mic" style of communicating as a crowd, dance parties, and impromptu reunions.Read more »

Occupy Oakland: On to the Port


From Steven T. Jones on the streets of Oakland:

The large crowd has been chanting "peaceful protest" as it moves back to the Plaza. That's in response to a small group that's been breaking windows at BofA, Wells Fargo and Chase. There's also been vandalism at Clorox and Whole Foods. The Chron reports that the vandals are mostly wearing masks.

But for the most part, it's peaceful and most of the activists are trying to avoid (and discourage) the behavior of a few.Read more »