Occupy Oakland

Bank window broken, Occupy Oakland apologizes


Steven T. Jones reports from the streets of Oakland:

I'm at the intersection of 20th and Webster and a large march is going by, headed toward City Hall. The protesters are passing the Chase Bank branch that was such down earlier, and the windows of the bank are shattered. This happened sometime after the protesters who had blocked the bank entrance walked away.

There are signs on the broken window -- one says "We are better than this." The other says "This is not the 99 percent, sorry -- the 99 percent."

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Occupy Oakland shuts down three banks


Steven T. Jones and Rebecca Bowe are out on the streets of Oakland as Occupy Oakland tries to shut down the city. They're posting live updates on Twitter here.  And there's already some success -- the Oakland branches of Wells Fargo, Citibank and Chase have been shut down by the protesters. There are two sound stages set up downtown, and so far, the cops are holding off on any action.Read more »

As OccupySF attracts support, Oakland gets ready for a general strike


At a rally of some 2,000 activists held in Oakland's Frank Ogawa Plaza Oct. 26 -- the day after a brutal police crackdown left 24-year-old war veteran Scott Olsen in critical condition from a skull fracture inflicted by a police projectile -- Occupy Oakland's general assembly reached a 96 percent consensus agreement to call for a general strike to be held Nov. 2. Read more »

Flattened fences and strengthened bridges

Bay Area occupiers resist police, lend mutual support, and attract international attention


With high-profile standoffs between protesters and police last week, Occupy Oakland and OccupySF have attracted international attention and support, helping to galvanize the six-week-old Occupy Wall Street movement.Read more »

Mayor Lee still moving toward showdown with OccupySF


Mayor Ed Lee continues to insist that OccupySF break down its encampment in Justin Herman Plaza and threaten to send in riot police if that doesn't happen, even as this week's violent police raid on Occupy Oakland has sparked international outrage, condemnation, and solidarity with other occupations.Read more »

Guardian editorial: Let OccupySF and Oakland stay


With all of the police raids and arguments over messages and demands and tactics, it’s easy to forget that the Occupy Wall Street movement has a clear political point -- and it’s right.Read more »

Quan’s legal advisor: “Which side are we on?”


The scene in Oakland was calm and peaceful around 9 p.m. last night as some 2,000 occupiers met in the amphitheater outside Oakland City Hall at Frank Ogawa Plaza. In sharp contrast with the war zone-like scene the previous evening, police did not mobilize to try and put a stop to the massive and highly organized general assembly meeting. Protesters have vowed to reconvene at 14th and Broadway at 6 p.m. every single day to continue organizing using a consenus process. Read more »

Big victory for OccupySF, Occupy Oakland reconvenes after crackdown (VIDEO)


(UPDATED/CORRECTED AT 11:30 AM)The Occupy movements in San Francisco and Oakland reportedly scored big victories last night, with huge numbers of people overcoming police crackdowns and the shutdown of public transit stations, turning back city efforts to clear the OccupySF encampment and voting in the General Assembly in Oakland to call a general strike for Nov. 2.Read more »

Occupy camps don't create social ills, they showcase them


By Anna Lacey

OPINION When I entered the public square off Broadway and 14th on Oct. 17 -- the site of the Occupy Oakland camp that police violently broke up this week -- I immediately felt dazed by the atmosphere. But rather than seeing the squalor that has been highlighted by city officials and the media, I saw it as a place of real possibilities, particularly from my perspective as a social worker

Surrounded by tall buildings, the square is in the heart of downtown Oakland. It felt like I was in a commune of sorts. Walking through the rows of tents, I found myself amidst a sea of commotion; there were children of different ethnicities playing, a crowd was listening to some guy on a microphone talking about political freedom, a marching band was performing, and lines of people were dishing out and receiving free food. The energy in the air was almost tangible.

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Oakland occupiers clash with police (VIDEO)


Angered by the 4 a.m. raid that demolished the two-week-old Occupy Oakland tent city at Frank Ogawa Plaza, more than a thousand protesters marched through the streets in downtown Oakland Oct. 25. The march left at 5 p.m. from the Oakland Public Library and lasted for hours, scattering and reconvening at times due to clouds of teargas or threats of mass arrest. Read more »