Occupy San Francisco

How about Scott Olsen Plaza?


Occupy Oakland changed the name of Frank Ogawa Plaza; it's time for OccupySF to do the same.Read more »

How OccupySF thwarted a police raid


More than 1,000 people amassed at the OccupySF camp last night based on word that police would be raiding the camp. At 4:30 am, there were still 500 gathered in Justin Herman Plaza when OccupySF organizer Ryan Andreola finally announced: “We just got a report from an official police statement that the raid has been called off because there were not enough police for the number of people here,” as the crowd erupted in applause.Read more »

Big victory for OccupySF, Occupy Oakland reconvenes after crackdown (VIDEO)


(UPDATED/CORRECTED AT 11:30 AM)The Occupy movements in San Francisco and Oakland reportedly scored big victories last night, with huge numbers of people overcoming police crackdowns and the shutdown of public transit stations, turning back city efforts to clear the OccupySF encampment and voting in the General Assembly in Oakland to call a general strike for Nov. 2.Read more »

Dailies dutifully vomit out the city's misleading portrait of OccupySF


Both the Examiner and the Chronicle reported this morning that the OccupySF encampment has become a public health hazard, setting the stage for what many believe is an imminent police raid. The newspapers' only source: a notice that the Department of Public Health handed out to protesters, at their camp in Justin Herman Plaza, at 6am today. Read more »

Mixed messages

OccupySF erects a growing tent city — over the mayor's opposition



In San Francisco — the first major city to launch a midnight police raid to break up an Occupy encampment, which it repeated Oct. 16 — city officials are struggling with contradictions between claims of supporting the movement but opposing its tactic of occupation. Protesters have reacted to those mixed messages by erecting a growing tent city in defiance of Mayor Ed Lee's public statements on the issue.Read more »

Avalos offers resolution supporting OccupySF and its camp


In the wake of last night's violent police raid on the Occupy Oakland encampment (a still-tense situation that we're now on the scene covering) and two similar late-night police crackdowns on OccupySF in recent weeks, Sup. Read more »

The art and music of OccupySF: a work in progress


In a recent Super Ego clubs column, I challenged the San Francisco music, arts, and nightlife community to create a better OccupySF soundtrack than old Michael Franti tracks -- and to perhaps update the slightly cliche V for Vendetta look of the movement a bit. (Not to mention throw a few hot-hot benefit parties.) We can do it!  

Read more »

OccupySF appeals to City Hall, but the standoff continues


Frustrated by repeated late-night police raids on their encampments and empty statements of support by top city officials, hundreds of protesters with OccupySF entered City Hall today – under the watchful eyes of a large police presence with riot gear at the ready – to testify at today’s Board of Supervisors meeting.Read more »

Hot ocupados

OccupySF -- can we make it more of a bangin' party? Plus: LTJ Bukem, Afrofunk Music Festival, Frite Nite, Rebel Rave, and more



SUPER EGO Ladies, gentleman, laaadies, and ultraviolet unicorns of the San Francisco scene: we can do better than Michael Franti as a soundtrack for OccupySF. For goddess's sake, please! Enough with the bongos, already. We've got like five Funktion One soundsystems in this city — someone hook the mother up and blast a little Masters at Work for 99-percent motivation.Read more »

SF values and OccupySF

The protestors didn't start the confrontations with the police -- but we need to end them


EDITORIAL This is what civility and compromise looks like:

At a little after 10 P.m. Oct 16, a squadron of San Francisco police equipped with riot gear raided and attempted to shut down the OccupySF protest. It was the second time San Francisco has embarrassed itself, becoming the only major U.S. city to attempt to evict members of the growing Occupation movement — and this time, the cops used a lot more force.Read more »