Police Violence

Activists’ zine documents violent arrests at SF State


Emotions ran high at San Francisco State University on May 21, where a group of activists held a rally decrying police officers’ excessive use of force in an incident that occurred last Thursday, May 16. Five arrests were made that night outside a student dormitory. YouTube videos showing police officers tackling the arrestees to the ground, as onlookers cry out in dismay, have drawn thousands of hits.Read more »

Small Business Awards 2013: Universal Martial Arts

The winners of our Community Service Award teach cops how to serve and protect, safely

Police officers and security guards get trained in the use of firearms and batons; they know how to hurt and sometimes kill people. But most of them don't get the sort of basic unarmed self-defense training that would allow them to subdue an assailant without dangerous or lethal force.

That's where Universal Martial Arts Academy comes in. The only martial arts school with a full-time facility in the Bayview, Universal specializes in self-defense classes for security professionals and also offers classes for the general public.Read more »