OPD spies on and beats protesters

Public records show monitoring, use of force



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Oakland Police Department's internal communications about the Occupy Oakland movement — which the Guardian obtained through the California Public Records Act — confirm what many protesters already know: plainclothes officers frequent meetings, police monitor Occupy Oakland's online communications, anarchists are feared, and police use of force that injures protesters, often brutally, is common practice.Read more »

Bayview man who filmed cops convicted


In a case that has gained notoriety in San Francsico, Debray Carpenter, also known as Fly Benzo, was convicted Feb. 22 of two misdemeanors.

Benzo was filming the police with his cell phone camera at the time of his arrest. Videos of his arrest are available online.

Video evidenceRead more »

Hearing today on bizarre Occupy Oakland stay-away order case


The first Occupy Oakland protester to allegedly be in violation of a stay-away order has a hearing today.

Joseph Briones, 30, was arrested along with 408 others at an Occupy Oakland protest Jan. 28. He is one of 12 who were apparently issued the restraining orders, and is therefore barred from being within 300 yards of Oakland City Hall, potentially for the next three years, according to Alameda County Deputy District Attorney Teresa Drenick. Read more »

Local control of cops

Legislation seeks to prevent SFPD from working with the FBI to spy on lawful citizens



Sup. Jane Kim has introduced legislation to the Board of Supervisors calling for a re-examination of the San Francisco Police Department's participation in some aspects of the Joint Terrorism Task Force, which was created by the Federal Bureau of Investigations to do domestic surveillance.Read more »

After the tear gas clears

What are the lessons from the conflicts of the latest Occupy Oakland action?



After a chaotic day of marches and confrontations between police and protesters Jan 28, I was arrested along with about 400 others who were trapped by police in front of the downtown Oakland YMCA. Seven of us were journalists.

The goal of the march was to take over an abandoned building — an the vacant Kaiser Convention Center, a city-owned building that's been closed since 2005, was a prime target.Read more »

Occupy Oakland inmates at Santa Rita attacked- developing story



In the aftermath of the mass arrests of Occupy Oakland protesters-- and whoever else happend to be on the wrong street at the wrong time-- on Jan. 28 in Oakland, there have been loads of reports and rumors about brutality inflicted on those arrested. Most of those arrested were held in Santa Rita jail.

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SF defends cops who killed an unarmed innocent


San Francisco is denying responsibility and aggressively defending the police officers who shot an unarmed man in the darkened attic of a Parkmerced home they entered without a warrant and where no crime had been committed. But the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals this week rejected arguments that they were immune from responsibility and allowed the family's civil lawsuit over the 2006 incident to move forward.Read more »

OccupyOakland vigil dismantled, 11 arrested


After several nights of threats, the OccupyOakland vigil at 14th and Broadway was dismantled last night by police, and this latest incident in a series of aggressive arrests has prompted the Interfaith Tent group to pledge to return today at 2 pm to protest at the spot.

Eleven people were arrested throughout the incident. Seven have been charged with obstruction of justice. Bail has been set at $5,000. Others have additional misdemeanor and felony charges, and are being held in lieu of between $10,000 and $30,000 in bail.Read more »

Police foot patrols help with crime drop in SF


The Mayor’s Office and San Francisco Police Department this morning sent out a press release announcing a decrease in violent crime in 2011, citing a number of factors for the drop but failing to mention an important and once-controversial one: increased police foot patrols.

But Police Chief Greg Suhr told us that foot patrols are a big part of the community policing techniques – and “community policing” was indeed mentioned in the release – responsible for the drop.Read more »

OccupyOakland rings in the new year with protests against police


Occupy Oakland kicked off the year with two marches protesting police and prisons. A march to the Oakland City Jail on New Year’s Eve was followed by a march against police brutality on New Year’s Day, ending with a rally against police violence. Speakers at the rally indicated that the Bay’s most radicalized Occupy group may focus on an anti-police repression theme in the new year.Read more »