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GOOD TECH ISSUE: Opening government with tech has possibilities and pitfalls



A growing number of people seem to be convinced that "civic innovation" is sexy.

Tech-oriented events at San Francisco City Hall, like hackathons for improving government services, have become increasingly common. App developers are gaga over the idea of revolutionizing government through software, and the concept is gaining momentum.Read more »

Machine politics


The inner technological workings of the Obama for America (OFA) campaign engine came into the spotlight Jan. 10 when the POTUS’ technology team, dutifully trashing any pretense of a dress code in blue jeans and hoodies, delivered a panel talk at the Hyatt Regency. They explained what it was like to be the brains behind the campaign software capable of blasting those irksome fundraising pitches out to about 60 million Americans in one go. Read more »

The Guardian Clean Slate 2012

End the death penalty -- Yes on 34. Yes (sigh) on B. Rizzo and Selby for D5 supervisor, Eric Mar in D1. Print this out and take it to the polls!



President: Barack Obama

US Senate: Dianne Feinstein

Congress, District 8: Nancy Pelosi

Congress, District 9: Barbara Lee

Congress, District 12: Jackie Speier


Assembly District 13: Tom Ammiano

Assembly District 19: Phil Ting

State Senate District 11: Mark Leno

BART Board District 9: Tom Radulovich

BART Board, District 7: Zachary Mallett


Proposition 30: YES

Proposition 31: NORead more »

Evil genius

Mark Mothersbaugh and Devo aim to infect commercialism from within


The unlikely sheriff

Michael Hennessy has battled through controversies and cop culture to create the most progressive Sheriff's Department in the nation


Michael Hennessey has served as San Francisco's sheriff for half of his life, the longest such career in California history — and by all accounts the most progressive. Since taking office in 1980, Hennessey has been an island of liberal enlightenment in a political climate and law enforcement culture where tough-talking conservatism has been ascendant.Read more »

About that "acrimonious fall"


Catch this. Mayor Ed Lee's mayoral victory had nothing to do with millions of dollars in campaign contributions from private interests, a sophisticated get-out-the vote effort targeting Lee supporters, the advantage of incumbency, some funny business, or a calculated campaign strategy concentrating efforts on absentee ballots. Read more »

The Guardian Clean Slate 2011

Avalos for mayor, Mirkarimi for sheriff: Our voter printout guide to take to the polls on Nov. 8


1. John Avalos
2. Dennis Herrera
3. Leland Yee

1. David Onek
2. Sharmin Bock
3. Bill Fazio


1. Ross Mirkarimi


Proposition A (school bonds): YES
Proposition B (street bonds): YES
Proposition C (consensus pension reform): YES
Proposition D (Adachi pension reform): NO
Proposition E (changing voter initiatives): NO Read more »

The selling of Ed Lee

How a career bureaucrat became interim mayor and blossomed into a full-blown politician



Ed Lee has gone through a remarkable makeover in the last year, transformed from the mild-mannered city bureaucrat who reluctantly became interim mayor to a political powerhouse backed by wealthy special interests waging one of the best-funded and least transparent mayoral campaigns in modern San Francisco history.Read more »

Why are Harris, Newsom, and other pols silent on the federal pot crackdown?


UPDATED BELOW As I worked on this week's story about the federal crackdown on California's marijuana industry, I tried to get a statement from California Attorney General Kamala Harris. After all, it's her job to defend California's medical marijuana laws, which she was fairly supportive of as our district attorney. And she was an early Barack Obama backer who could probably get him or U.S. Read more »

The real reason GOP is obssessing on the Ground Zero mosque


Daily Kos contributing editor Jed Lewison suggests that it's because the Republican Party has nothing else to contribute to the conversation, as the election nears.

It's an interesting theory. Read more »