Pompei's Grotto

Off to Pompei's Grotto for our 26th anniversary New Year's Eve dinner


In a couple of hours, the former Jean Dibble  and I will be going to the delightful Fisherman's Wharf restaurant we have  frequented for the past quarter century on New Year's Eve.

Twenty-six  or so years ago, we happened to be strolling along on Fisherman's Wharf looking for a place to eat New Year's Eve dinner, We happened upon Pompei's Grotto. in the heart of the Wharf at 340 Jefferson St.

It looked warm and inviting and beckoned to us with colorful holiday decorations and a friendly demeanor and so we went in.  We found it the perfect place for us on New Year's Eve and we've never missed a New Year's Eve dinner at Pompei's. Read more »