Poor Magazine

Promises, promises in district 5


Poor Magazine is not known for their love of politicians. Tiny Gray-Garcia, Poor Magazine co-founder and host of last night's District 5 supervisor debate, let attendants know in her introduction that she considers politicians "politricksters" who can't keep promises.

At the table were Sup. Christina Olague, Julian Davis, Thea Selby, London Breed, and Andrew Resignato.Read more »

Poverty Scholars Unite


This post has been updated. RYME orientation is July 3, not June 27.

July 3 will begin another session of Poor Magazine’s revolutionary youth media education program, or RYME.

Poor Magazine was founded in 1996 as a way to bring together poor people to produce media, teach and learn, and create community. From their space in the Mission, they have launched the printed Poor Magazine, Poor News Network TV and Poor Radio, published dozens of books at Poor Press, and hold programming throughout the year.Read more »

The poetry of poverty

Winners of the POOR Magazine's Battle of All the Sexes, in verse


Editors note: POOR Magazine's 5th Annual Poetry/Music Battle of ALL the Sexes was held on Valentine's Day. This years battle, POOR's Lisa Gray-Garcia tells us, "honored ancestors Uncle Al Robles, Mama Dee and all ancestors that have been victims of po'lice terror, racism and poverty."

I love POOR Mag and all the radical poverty activists there and about do, and as a show of support, I'm happy to run the winners here.


Birth Out Mother EarthRead more »