Pride 2012

Lady in red: What this year's Pride leather marshal wore


Typically, the afterparty is the thing for Sunday Pride fashion. But if you weren't at the big parade this year, you might have missed out on one of the more striking ensembles of the weekend. Leather co-marshal Leland Carina sent us photos of her eye-popping latex gown -- not to mention what it was like to wear the thing on one of the more hectic days in San Francisco. Read more »

Pride leather marshalls hail a "kinky renaissance"


It was almost Pride Week, I've had two leather luminaries hanging out at kink coffeeshop Wicked Grounds – it just seemed like an opportune time to start waxing philosophical about the possibility of a kink renaissance in San Francisco. 

“There just seems to be this general coming-out,” said Leland Carina, who as a member of the SF girls of Leather has done her part to increase the inclusiveness and malleability of her kink community. She likened this expansion to the capital-R Renaissance, which happened after the threat of bubonic plague had been mitigated. Likewise, she said, the kink community in San Francisco is finally hitting a point where the fear of AIDS no longer rules people's sexual encounters. 

Race Bannon, Carina's co-leather marshall in this Sunday's Pride parade, hadn't thought of it that way – but Carina's theory resonated with him. “We've figured out how to deal with [AIDS], and we've moved past it. I call what's happening a kinky renaissance.”

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