Public Health

SF General reduces psychiatric care


A 22-bed psychiatric unit at San Francisco General Hospital will be taken out of service, and re-opened only if the facility experiences a high caseload of patients exhibiting the worst signs of psychiatric crisis, the Bay Guardian has learned.

As of Nov. 19, five patients were receiving care in that unit, 7B, according to spokesperson Rachael Kagan. None had symptoms that rose to the level of requiring acute care. Instead, they were classified as sub-acute patients, a distinction that essentially means they didn’t present an immediate threat to themselves or others.Read more »

DPH: Unaffordable housing is bad for your health


To cover rent on a two-bedroom apartment at "fair market value" in SoMa, a San Francisco minimum-wage earner would have to work 7.4 full-time jobs. Read more »

A fair deal for the city's nurses


For San Francisco’s public-sector registered nurses, this year’s Nurse’s Week was a paradox. On May 10, nurses from throughout the city gathered in the cafeteria of San Francisco General Hospital to celebrate Florence Nightingale’s birthday by bestowing gratitude and appreciation on nurses selected by their colleagues. Martha Hawthorne, long-time Castro-Mission Health Center public health nurse, was one of those honored. Read more »

SF restaurants cheat on health care


For years, I've wondered about those "health-care surcharges" that pop up on menus at local restaurants. The owners say they have to charge extra to pay for the city's health-care ordinance, which always struck me as odd: You don't see "avocado price hike surcharge" or "rent-went-up" surcharge or "PG&E rate hike" surcharge -- restaurants, like other businesses, typically roll those factors into their normal prices.Read more »

San Franciscans decry Newsom's public health cuts


By Alex Emslie

More than 100 concerned citizens, mental health providers, SRO hotel representatives, and clients of San Francisco's community behavioral health programs spoke to the Board of Supervisors yesterday at a Beilenson hearing, which the state requires of counties that slash public health services, decrying crippling cuts in the mayor's proposed budget. Read more »

SF smokers kicked to curb, by the cars


By Adam Lesser

San Francisco smokers will be hit with the latest in a long lines of restrictions starting April 25, when they’ll be kicked to the curb, out by the cars whose tailpipes are at least as dangerous as secondhand smoke.

Read more »